Yosi Amram is a licensed clinical psychologist, a CEO leadership coach, an author, and a pioneering researcher in the field of Spiritual Intelligence.  

Growing up in a Jewish home in war-stricken Israel, Yosi received early exposure to religious fundamentalism, war, and the trauma that can come with both. Drafted into the army, Yosi held the fastest promotion record in the history of his regiment and received numerous leadership awards. Despite these accomplishments, the military chafed at Yosi’s soul and thus was born his interest in more humane and inspired communities and approaches to leadership. 

After leaving the military and after receiving a BS and MS in Engineering from MIT and an MBA from Harvard, Yosi became the founder and CEO of two technology companies that he led through successful Initial Public Offerings (IPOs). Then, despite his company’s increasing success, Yosi experienced a “dark night of the soul” leading to a personal spiritual emergency. It was through this process that Yosi came to see through the illusion of separateness and awoke to a new understanding of life’s interconnectedness, experiencing all of reality as emerging from the interplay of masculine and feminine energies. This ignited Yosi’s interest in recovering and studying the core unifying mystical truths shared by all the world’s spiritual traditions, putting his life on a fresh trajectory.

Newly motivated, Yosi earned a PhD in clinical transpersonal psychology (a branch of psychology integrating the psychological with the spiritual) and initiated his academic research into Spiritual Intelligence. In his research, Yosi developed the first ecumenical, research-grounded theory and academically validated measure of Spiritual Intelligence (SI) with an associated model for Spiritually Intelligent Leadership. Yosi’s SI research has received over a thousand citations to date. ​

Later, as a therapist and leadership coach working with over one hundred CEOs, Yosi got to witness and support several of his clients in building organizations, recruiting, and overseeing thousands of employees and annual revenues in the billions. And, with all his clients, he got to see the marked effect that developing their Spiritual Intelligence had on their happiness, power, and effectiveness as inspired and inspiring leaders. Alongside his work as a leadership coach, Yosi’s focus as a therapist has been working with couples of all genders and sexual orientations to kindle and sustain passion and love in their relationships, while using the process as a crucible for personal healing and spiritual growth.   

Yosi is the founder of several non-profits including trueMASCULINITY.org and Engendering-Love.org. His personal mission is to awaken greater Spiritual Intelligence in himself (a lifelong journey) and in the world. Yosi is blessed with two wonderful grown children who are the bright stars of his life and enjoys nature, hiking, biking, reading, meditating, and dancing.