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“Groundbreaking and heartwarming.”

—Chip Conley,
New York Times Best-Selling Author, Hospitality Entrepreneur, and former Global Head of Hospitality and Strategy at Airbnb

“I was lucky enough to have Yosi Amram as a CEO coach during one of my companies, and reading this book is the next best thing. His wisdom inspires.”

—Robin Wolaner, Founder, Parenting Magazine, former C-level executive, Time Warner, and Author, Naked in the Board Room

“The principles and practices of leadership laid out in this book have not only elevated how I led inside of Twitch, but also how I live in general. It’s no exaggeration to say Yosi’s approach to SILeadership changed my life. If you want to learn not just to manage others but also to inspire yourself and everyone around you to greater heights, you have to read this book.”

—Emmett Shear, founding CEO Twitch, Visiting Group Partner YCombinator

Developing your spiritual intelligence means…

learning to cultivate and embody qualities hailed by all the world’s wisdom traditions—virtues such as purpose, compassion, integrity, presence, humility, and joy. Modern research and most leadership experts agree, actualizing these traits can set off a ripple effect of inspiration that will reverberate across your entire organization, attracting others to you and your vision. But doing so requires learning new habits that can lead you to this new you: someone inner- and inter-connected, rooted in their essence and spark of life.

Yosi boldly takes us to the next frontier in the workplace—making the case for unleashing spiritual intelligence within our aspiring leaders and organizations. Just as emotional intelligence has become critical to developing strong leaders following Goleman’s books, spiritual intelligence promises to become critical to inspiring all of us to greatness.

—Randy Komisar, Author, Straight Talk for Startups and The Monk and the Riddle


Yosi began his leadership journey in the Israeli military where he received numerous awards and garnered the fastest promotion record in his regiment’s history. Despite these accomplishments, the military chafed at his soul, eventually inspiring his lifelong quest for more humane approaches to leadership.

After leaving the military, Yosi studied engineering at MIT and earned an MBA from Harvard. He took the leap into leadership experiments of his own as the founder and CEO of two tech start-ups, both of which he led through successful IPOs.

Then, as CEO of a public company with a rising stock price, he experienced a psychospiritual breakdown, a “dark night of the soul,” which catapulted him into a spiritual awakening. The epiphany and the manic episode that went with it were both excruciating and exalting, enabling him to see through the illusion of separation to the truth of our inter-connectedness. This put his life and value system on a fresh trajectory.

He went back to school for a PhD in clinical psychology, ultimately developing the first research-grounded theory and validated measure of spiritual intelligence (SI) with an associated model he created and named Spiritually Intelligent Leadership (SILeadership). This research has received over a thousand citations to date.

Yosi is devoted to awakening greater spiritual intelligence in himself (a lifelong journey) and in the world. Working as a therapist and leadership coach, he has supported over 100 CEOs as they built organizations, led thousands of employees, and reached annual revenues in the billions, all while increasing their happiness, power, and effectiveness as leaders in their work and personal lives.


Yosi helps us dive deeper and reach higher to achieve new levels of effectiveness, growth & meaning as leaders. As a client who has experienced this firsthand, these modern integrative methods, along with the practical applications, will have a profound impact on all leaders, from aspiring managers to senior executives.

—Andy Byrne, Cofounder and CEO, Clari

“Supported by groundbreaking research and deep transformational exercises, Yosi offers us a powerful guide for greater wisdom and lasting happiness.”

—Shauna Shapiro, PhD, Professor of Psychology, Santa Clara University, Author, Good Morning I Love You: Mindfulness and Self-Compassion Practices to Rewire Your Brain

“In this philosophical yet practical work, Yosi provides an alternative narrative from the typical business literature on leadership development. A most thoughtful, insightful, provocative, and personal exploration, offering relatable examples and grounded takeaways all in easily absorbed prose.”

—Barry Posner, Professor of Leadership, Santa Clara University & International Best-Selling Author, The Leadership Challenge

Whether you are a current or an aspiring leader…

if you have a keen desire to connect with the true source of your authentic power and presence, this book is for you. With practical case studies and transformative exercises, it will guide you in discovering and growing your spiritual intelligence so that you may lead an inspired life: a life of great power, deep fulfillment, and lasting success.


“Yosi’s brilliant work takes us beyond IQ and EQ into our deeper source of power—our spirit, our life force—as it can manifest through our spiritual intelligence. With insights that will help turbo charge your career, this book is a MUST-READ for any leader in business or academia.”

—Nabil El-Hage, Chairman, Academy of Executive Education, and former Professor of Management Practice at Harvard Business School

“Yosi speaks from the heart and uses pragmatic, real-world examples to show how leading with authenticity and purpose is the best approach.”

—Magdalena Yesil, Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist and Author, Power Up: How Smart Women Win in the New Economy

With Spiritually Intelligent Leadership: How to Inspire by Being Inspired, Yosi Amram has crafted an extraordinary masterpiece that will touch both hearts and minds. His unparalleled empathy, vulnerability, and use of inspiring case studies make this book a transformative road map for all seeking to cultivate their spiritual intelligence. With Amram as our guide, we become inspired to delve into the depths of our souls, uncovering the wisdom that resides in us all.

—Brock Blomberg, PhD, President, California Institute of Integral Studies


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